Announcing Sponsorships

To prepare for the release of the first apps to use BrightID, we’re announcing the launch of sponsorships. Sponsorships have already been described in the whitepaper, but it’s important to talk about them since they will now be a reality for every BrightID user.

Here’s how sponsorships work

Let’s say you find out about a wonderful new app called BurnSignal and you want to try it out. You find out that to use all the features, you need to prove you’re not using multiple accounts. You download BrightID, connect up with some friends who are already using it and get your verification sticker . Now you head back to BurnSignal to share that verification. It accepts your verification and you’re good to go.

Behind the scenes, BurnSignal didn’t just accept your verification, it sponsored you. That means it paid $1 on your behalf. That $1 went to fund the core development of BrightID.

That’s basically it. Everyone needs to be sponsored just once in their lifetime, and it’s usually by the first app you use. If for some reason, the first app doesn’t have a sponsorship for you, you wouldn’t be able to use that app just yet. In that case, you would first try other apps until you find one that does.

Since we’ve made sponsorships a requirement for users, we’ve also created a web page at that allows app creators or independent supporters to buy sponsorships through our smart contract.

Funds from sponsorship sales go the BrightID Main DAO, the governing body for BrightID.

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