Aragon’s Impact on BrightID

Synergistic Visions

BrightID seeks to provide everyone with the benefits of being verified as a unique person–namely, greater access to money, honest information and greater choice in government. Aragon allows new types of governments–which go beyond traditional physical boundaries and use public, transparent contracts stored on an immutable blockchain. To create a contract, we need to know which entities are represented. Often, it’s important to know that an entity is a unique person and not a duplicate of another entity. With brightID, such strong assurances can exist. Naturally, there’s a synergy between brightID and Aragon.

Aragon Nest

BrightID was admitted into Aragon Nest at the end of Aug 2018 as the first project in the third batch. What does this mean for brightID? It means that brightID will soon exist–no longer as something we theorize about, but as a real, working product. It means that we’ll launch our beta this year. It fast-forwarded us from a team of volunteers to a core team that’s paid to work on what they love. Aragon will always be a part of our history now, but we hope to continue the relationship. It was amazing for me to see the other projects in Nest and imagine what Aragon will soon be. It will be a full-featured platform that can be used by all kinds of organizations, and we’re proud to be a part of that. Here’s to our decentralized future with brightID and Aragon!