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Identity is a human right.

Everyone deserves the baseline rights of access to public goods.

Non-Invasive & Private

BrightID does not record any personally identifying information from your online or offline life.
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The public good is designed for everyone to be able to participate and receive verifications for the baseline and fair rights of access.
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Everything about the public good is open to the public, to use, or to steward.

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BrightID's mobile app preview

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What people have said

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“Privacy-aware Sybil Resistant Identity is a pillar of many important use cases for Web3 - including Gitcoin Grants.  It's been great to work with BrightID tech on helping to bring more sybil resistance to Gitcoin Grants - and the team themselves are great to work with too. 10/10 would integrate again.”
Kevin Owocki
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“RabbitHole is excited to use BrightID as a global public-good for proof-of-uniqueness. Having sybil resistance unlocks an enormous amount of potential in crypto applications such as quadratic voting, token distributions based on usage, and more.”
Brian Flynn
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“I'm building two applications that require both strong sybil resistance and pseudonymity to function as intended (Burn Signal — a trustless quadratic polling/preference signaling platform — and — a trustless quadratic funding application), BrightID is the only project I have found with a viable and working solution that does not require users to give up their identity or and/or trust a third party. In order to support the ecosystem of users for the two applications I'm working on, I decided to buy a stash of subscriptions that will supply enough sponsorships to cover our first few thousand users.”
Auryn Macmillan
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“The Ether fundamentally believes that integrity needs to be restored to online debate. Through integrating with BrightID, we can now be assured that BrightID enabled debates on The Ether are not being hijacked by bots like other social platforms.”
Mattison Asher
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“BrightID is a major requirement of any network, small or large, local or global, to understand the uniqueness of digital user accounts. The open nature of BrightID is a critical feature: As apps drive individual use cases, those use cases then benefit from the interconnectivity that BrightID’s web-of-trust offers. It’s time to build an open system, based on Web3 principles. This is no easy task and I am glad that Adam and his team are putting their minds to it.”
Philipe Achille Villiers