mobile screenYour Personal Stamp of Uniqueness

BrightID uses the people you know (a trust graph) to enforce one-account-per-person for important applications like voting and universal basic income.

A BrightID proves you’re a unique person.

BrightIDs have the following characteristics:

Where Can BrightID be Used?

There are several kinds of apps that work better when everyone in the system is unique. You can authorize these apps to use brightID to verify that you’re unique without sharing any personal information.

Examples of apps that benefit from verifying their users as unique using brightID:

  • Universal Basic Income
  • Voting
  • Ratings and Reviews
  • Online communities
  • Referral systems
  • Giveaways

Decentralized & Anonymous

The network consists of volunteers running nodes. Nodes host the trust graph used for verification, but there’s no personal information stored there.

A World Without Boundaries

A brightID is a proof of world citizenship.

Universal Basic Income and voting–without governmental or territorial boundaries–can use brightIDs to include everyone while keeping out fakes and duplicates and preserving privacy.

How do I Get BrightID?

BrightID mobile is in open beta.